Games courtesy of U-Connect School, Langley, BC, "Salmonid: In Troubled Waters"

The Team
Mr. Harris first proposed the concept of participating in ThinkQuest to Evan. Evan quickly got to work. He was the main programmer for the site, creating the Salmon Farm Game, the Salmon Dissection Game, the External Anatomy Game, and many other games as well. He designed the CSS and the JavaScript for the rollovers as well. Evan was a student at U-connect School

Cory did many odd jobs in the site. His main contribution was the Salmon Survival Game, which was created with Evan’s help. He also made other smaller games and animations and did much of the writing for the site. Some of his many other tasks included inserting the content into the Web pages and some HTML work. Cory was part of Aldergrove Christian Academy.

Brendan provided most of the graphics for the site. He created the site’s banner and provided graphics for both the Salmon Farm Game and especially the Salmon Survival Game. Like Evan, Brendan was a student at U-connect School

Charis provided the cross-cultural aspects of the site. She contributed several essays and did large amounts of research, as well as taking the Uzbek photos. Charis lives with her family in Uzbekistan.

Mr. Harris
Mr. Harris was our team coach. His past experience made him the perfect person to guide us. Mr. Harris’s main job was to help us stay focused, and offered constructive input and much encouragement as we worked to build this site. His knowledge of programs like Poser, Flash, Bryce, Photoshop and others was a source of help and instruction for all of us. Mr. Harris is a teacher at U-connect School.

Computer donated by Pacific Salmon Foundation

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